I have a passion for mathematics, science, and software development. I completed a Master of Design specialising in AI at Kyushu University, Japan. This followed a BSc Computer Science and Honours degree from University of Pretoria, South Africa, both cum laude. I am fluent in Japanese. My interests include specialty coffee, game design, and a deep understanding of everything!

  • I thrive on challenging projects.

  • Over 5 years work experience as an AI specialist for H&M, a global Information Technology Services company that has been operating since 1999, with clients across Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and the United States.

Other interests include,

  • Languages (native English and Afrikaans, fluent daily Japanese, some French)
  • Climbing, cycling, ice skating


  • Timm, N., Gruner, S., & Harvey, M. (2016). A Bounded Model Checker for Three-Valued Abstractions of Concurrent Software Systems. SBMF. Link
    • SBMF2016 Award: 2nd-Best Paper
  • Timm, N., Gruner, S., & Harvey, M. (2018). Constraint Reusing and k-Induction for Three-Valued Bounded Model Checking. SBMF. Link
  • Harvey, M, & 高木英行 (2021). 進化計算の初期化手法の比較進化計算の初期化手法の比較. The Japanese Society for Evolutionary Computation - 第19回進化計算学会研究会


  • Master of Design specialising in AI from Kyushu University, Japan
  • BSc Computer Science and BSc Computer Science Honours from University of Pretoria, South Africa - both with distinction

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